Beverson Bakery

The pandemic of 2020 cost a lot of people their jobs. And their sanity. Kristine Everson, once of the hospitality industry, wanted to avoid insanity by keeping herself busy and comforting her friends and family with delicious baked goods. So, why not make a little money, too?! Beverson Bakery was born! (The name is a combination of her and her husband’s last names.) Visit Beverson Bakery for delicious and locally-made (MKE-area) breads and goodies. She makes dog treats too!

Kristine approached me with a pretty solid idea of her dream bakery’s logo. She wanted to use dark, moody colors and for it to feel, “playful without being childish”. Rustic goth is what she got.


Standard-sized, double-sided, horizontal business cards with a matte finish and rounded corners for a polished yet modest look. 


What kind of bakery would it be without custom packaging for the baked goodness that’s inside?!  Full-color stickers make those economical brown packages look so snazzy and it really “puts the cherry on top” for customers.

Labels were printed and die-cut by West Allis Blue.

4" x 6"
3" Circular
Visits: 1121