Blackwood Brothers Restaurant & Social Club


An upcoming restaurant in Bay View, Blackwood Brothers Restaurant & Social Club wants to be different from every other hipster place in BV. The owner wanted something vintage without being “Bumstead-y”, something like an old hardware store, “saloon-y” without being “Wild West”. We had a long chat like this until we pin-pointed the style. It’s pretty damn great to be able to successfully turn made-up, vague words into your client’s vision! Exactly how she saw it in her head!


The first step was putting all those vague words into a vision, a style for the restaurant. This style guide was created to keep this brand on-point.


Simple and non-pretentious, these eco-friendly business cards suggest the restaurant’s “flavor”. The 100% recycled cotton stock showcases the rough, textural design of the restaurant’s interior.


My client had a very specific idea in mind for the design of her menus. Legal-sized paper, printed on a plastic polymer, with a simple, black-and-white, “easy-to-update” hand-attached Specials Menu. In total, a Cocktail Menu, Dinner Menu and Brunch Menu (shown below) were created with a consistent and cohesive design.


Everyone likes free stuff, and if it helps get your name out, these little give-aways make for great advertising. As long as they’re not used in the commission of any crimes.


Since the brick and mortar site is still under construction, the only design work completed so far for signage are the “Open” and “Shut” signs for use on the front door.


While this isn’t a tweeting crowd, Instagram and Facebook are definitely part of this target audience’s daily routine. The Blackwood Bros. persona is a little-rough-around-the-edges, cusses, and doesn’t get involved in all the Bay View Townhall drama. We post beautiful pictures of beautiful food and encourage community support and inclusion.

Visits: 1705