I was that kid in high school. In the poetry club, the journalism club and, yes, of course in the photography club too. My photo album spans 20+ years. Some images have been re-produced and sold as prints on canvas. Others I have printed on canvas and have added acrylic paint for cool 3D effects. I have been commissioned to take photographs and to paint for private and commercial use. Enjoy, but please don’t make me a starving artist.

((All photos are originals by Renee Sinacola.))


One of my favorite clients has a lot of confidence in me. She needed professional photos of her food from Rose Mob Grill Food Truck, not just stock photos of “some taco”. Although this type of photography was not yet in my portfolio, she hired me for the job. They are now featured on her online menu.


I used to get paid to hike (and maintain trails, educate people about nature, etc.) and always had my camera with me. These are some of the beautiful shots I took around Indiana and Ohio in my post-graduate-degree years. These are raw digital images. #nofilter


I love going out into the woods with just my camera. I like to be one-with-nature and experience it from different perspectives. The following images are samples of my macro-photography, brought to you by wet feet, grass-stained knees and dirt on my elbows. You’re welcome. These are raw digital images. #nofilter


…or, in other words… trespassing. (The door was open!!!) These are images from around the Midwest in not-so-permitted areas. Most of these have some kind of digital editing involved, but some are raw and #unfiltered.

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