Brand Identity

Your business needs its own style, its own flavor. Whatever that style is, I’m here to take it from your dreams to reality. Establishing a solid, consistent and unique brand identity is ever-more important in the current world where customers make decisions based on a company’s story. Make your story speak to who you are, who your company aims to be, and the message that you want to send on first impression.

Please take a look at the brand I put together for a new restaurant, below.


An upcoming restaurant in Bay View, Blackwood Brothers Restaurant & Social Club wants to be different from every other hipster place in BV. The owner wanted something vintage without being “Bumstead-y”, something like an old hardware store, “saloon-y” without being “Wild West”. We had a long chat like this until we pin-pointed the style. It’s pretty damn great to be able to successfully turn made-up, vague words into your client’s vision! Exactly how she saw it in her head!

The first step was putting all those vague words into a vision, a style for the restaurant. This style guide was created to keep this brand on-point.

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