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Hannah Strader
Badass Animal-Rescuing Dog Mom + Client Since November 2020

We are a non-profit who wanted to redo our (admittedly) terrible logo, and Renee was recommended to us by a friend. She was incredibly communicative, fast, and happy to make the small changes we requested. It kind of floored us how quickly she’d get back to us, we are not at all used to that sort of quick turnaround! Our new logo is gorgeous (we marvel at it at least once a day) and Renee graciously sent us all the different formats we could possibly need, and explained when we may want to use each one. Cannot recommend more, we LOVED working with her and are SO HAPPY with what she came up with for us!

Kristine Everson
Pandemic Entrepreneur & Smile-Maker + Client Since September 2020
Renee is amazing to work with. Great human, great ideas, and she’s SO FUN!
Hire her. For real.
Brittany Rosales
Small Business Owner + Client Since April 2019

I am very grateful I met Renee. As a new small business owner, I needed someone who could not only deliver high quality designs, but who could also help me build a brand. Renee has consistently delivered designs and materials that exceed the visions I had in my head…and she does it on time! I also appreciate the time she spends staying on top of trends in design. I highly recommend Renee to both new and existing businesses that are looking to stay fresh!

Craig Smallish
Expert in Concept & Creative at Milwaukee Area Technical College & Lynda.com Author

Renee’s 100% direct, and she’s 111% committed. So how does that translate to any given assignment you’ll be smart enough to send her way? It’ll get done on time, and with the exact seasoning of passion that it deserves. Thriving on self motivation, I could hand her any range of tasks or projects and feel confident they would be completed on time, and on target. She needs no hand-holding, and has a genuine thirst for knowledge. Be smart, give her a shot – you can thank me later. 😉

Kate DenDooven
MATC Instructor, Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Front-End Developer & Entrepreneur

Renee is a multi-faceted, detail oriented, creative. She consistently knocks all her projects out of the park. Her creative solutions focus on the goal and her approach is always centered on the target audience. Her only imperfection is being a perfectionist. Renee is consistent at meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. Beyond her creative talents is an ambitious, social, and confident persona that would be a fantastic asset to have as an employee and/or a friend.

Ruth Carter-Crist
Minister at New Beginnings and New Hope Bethel United Methodist Churches

I have known Renee since she was in high school. She is a woman of great energy, passion, enthusiasm and wisdom. She is dedicated and principled.. She would be an asset to any agency or organization that would choose to employ her.

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